Our Process


  1. Listen and Understand Your Concerns: We will gather information about your current circumstances, your future goals, your concerns and your aspirations.  We need to find out what is important to you.
  2. Identify Your Financial Goals:  We will review with you what we have identified as your goals and ask questions to confirm we understand the importance of your financial goals and concerns.
  3. Assess Your Tolerance For Risk:  We will have you answer a questionnaire to get a good idea of your risk tolerance and go over it in detail with you.
  4. Collaborate with Your Team (CPA's, Attorney's. etc.):  Creating a plan also means working with other professionals in your life to make sure we are all on the same page as needed.
  5. Design and Implement an Appropriate Investment Strategy:  Based on your goals and risk tolerance we will create a strategy tailored to you based upon our collabrative process.
  6. Manage, Monitor, and Adjust Your Plan as Needed:  Goals and risks change throughout your lifetime.  We will meet with you regularly to go over your plan and adjust as needed, which includes investments, estate planning, retirement, etc
  7. Remain Focused on Your Long Term Planning:  Stay dedicated to your long term goals.
  8. Continue to Monitor the Process:  The process starts and ends with you.  We will continue to review steps one thru seven to stay focused on you and your financial well-being.